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I have just had a flyer shoved through my letter box. It is headed "The Village Plan for the Parish of Sutton Benger and Draycot Cerne" and it invites me to a meeting in the village hall on 16th April. 

What it does not say is who it is from, who is sponsoring the meeting, who will be chairing the meeting and what, if any, vested interests are involved. Is it from the Rastafarian Society of Wiltshire Parishes? Is it from the Dig up your Village for Gravel Co Ltd? Is it from Lloyds Bank?

I do not want to waste an evening going to the village hall to attend a meeting chaired by a skateboard club who are interested in ramping the alley by the Bell!!

Who is the Flyer From????

We are 4 members of the Sutton Benger Parish Council. Helen Stevens, Emma Pope, Kathy Smedley and Iain Craig. The Parish Plan is for the Parishioners - to be developed by the parishioners. Although we are Parish councilors we hope we will find lots of other supportive people to develop the plan. The meeting is to explain what it is and why its important and hops to gather interest from the local community.  More information about Parish Plans can be found here: http://www.parishplanning.co.uk/index.html. Hope that is useful and we will see you there.

by Dr. Radut.