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NFU Campaign for Food Safety


The government is reneging on its election promise to keep the same high food standards we currently have.  The NFU think the solution is a food safety agency to make them keep their promise and they are they experts in food after all.  I would urge everyone to sign this petition and to also click the link to email your MP too.

We do NOT want to import food that is produced inhumanly, or using chemicals banned here for safety.  People have fought hard to improve our food for this is be thrown away.  Nor do we want our British farmers to be undercut by hormone laden beef or chlorinated chicken.  You only have to compare the USA food poisoning rate to the UK rate to see that chlorine washed chicken is not as good as producing chicken in sanitary conditions in the first place, rather than covering up unsanitary conditions afterwards.  Of course we can all Buy British when buying free food but what about ready meals, pre-made pies, takeaways, etc..  Please sign this petition if you care about food and British farmers.


by Dr. Radut.