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Revoke Article 50 Petition

For those who are interested here is the link to the revoke article 50 petition. This hit 1 million yesterday (Thur 21/3/19) and was 1.3 million at around 7 pm.  At 8 am today (Friday 22/3/19) it stands at 2.45 million.  Let's get this to 17.5 million and kick the legs from under the statement that the "people want brexit".  We were lied to.  Claims that this would be the easiest deal to negotiate in history were tosh.  The government is now planning to bring in troops to help with what is a self-inflicted disaster.

Last week the government proposed new tariffs in the event of no deal on the 29th.  2 weeks for businesses to adapt.  This document was almost 1500 pages, it would take 2 weeks just to read it!  And we still being lied to.  If WTO rules are so good then why do countries spend years (e.g. Canada, 7 yrs) making trade deals.  Why bother if WTO is better?

And they have no idea what to do about Ireland.  We can invent a technological solution, yeah right and maybe we can cure all cancer while we are about it.  How can 2 countries have different tariffs and different rules but not have a border and customs?  How do you control smuggling?  You would have to implement Big Brother, drones patrolling the border identifying all cars and lorries crossing the border, random stop and search, etc..  That will real go down well.  We already have smuggling across borders with customs how would this not happen in spades across a non existent border.

The government proposal - there will be no border and for example cars from EU (e.g. Audi, Porche, etc.) will be 10% more expensive in UK than Ireland.  Or more down to earth, food from EU will be cheaper in Ireland.  It has to be,  WTO rules say without a trade deal tariffs must be the same, so we could have zero tariff on lamb but then our lamb farmers could not complete with New Zealand lamb prices.  Or we could put a tariff on lamb to protect our farmers but would have to apply it to everyone, we could not trade with zero tariff with EU.  And nor could EU trade with us any different than they do from New Zealand.  British lamb sold to EU will have the same tariff as EU applies to New Zealand lamb, as New Zealand lamb starts off cheaper then why would EU buy British lamb?  That is what WTO rules mean and that's why countries make trade agreements, agreements which take years, and agreements done by people it seems to me a lot smarter than the donkeys leading us.

In the EU we were part of the biggest free trading zone in the world, bigger than the USA.  So we decide to leave this club because we are told we can do better outside.  Really?  The rest of the world doesn't believe that which is why the pound value dropped 30% on the referendum result.  The reason for leaving is supposedly so we can "take back control".  Who is taking this control?  The EU rules produced clean beaches, and are trying to give us clean air and safe chicken. Is that a bad thing?  It is certainly something the government can't seem to do.  So people, take back control from these donkeys and vote to revoke article 50 in such numbers as they can't ignore us.

by Dr. Radut.