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Urgent - Local Plan discriminates against rural areas

URGENT - This is a heads up about Wiltshire Council's local plan. Consultation closes 9 March 2021 5pm. They are considering discriminating against those in rural areas!  And they call this Empowering Rural Communities!

Under the section Rural Communities is a pdf, on page 5, paragraph 24 they discuss the tendency for people to extend their homes, increasing their size and thus reducing the supply of small houses. The solution proposed in paragraph 25 is to remove permitted development rights for those in rural areas. This is discrimination against people on the basis of where they live! Identical houses, one in village, one in a town. The town house can be extended the village house cannot.How is that even legal? One law for the town and one for the village! Seems to me that this would be a clear breach of HRA so Wiltshire Council should not even be considering it!

I would urge everyone to comment on this suggestion and say the rural community is not about to allow itself to become 2nd class citizens and have less rights than those in urban areas.

by Dr. Radut.