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Wiltshire Council Sunday Parking Charges

The libdems in Wiltshire Council have a current petition to remove Sunday and Bank Holiday parking charges.  That can be found here for those who agree its a bad idea and and want to sign it.

The Gazette and Hearld say this is expected to raise 1.43m which is an interesting figure.  Wiltshire Council spend ~8m on the salaries of those earning over £50k per year.  And if you look at those at the top, historically from 2011 to 2018 (figures from Wiltshire Council web site) then for those top ~20 people it can be seen that they were on 70k-80k in the main back in 2008 but are now on 100k or even 140k.  That's a 25% rise at least during Austerity when everyone else's pay was capped.  Nice work if you get but for public servants it seems they are putting themselves first, everyone else second.

by Dr. Radut.