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Apex Microscope

Selling one Apex Microscope, used once, very good condition, like new. £60 ONO (RRP £80).

Magnification from x40 to x600 (limited to x150 for solid objects)
3 turret objectives: x4, x10 and x40
2 eyepieces: x10 and x15
Spring loaded stage clips
2 LED lighting systems (downward facing for whole objects, up through from below for slides)

Kit contents:
1 microscope with batteries and eyepieces
1 plastic microscope cover
4 pre-prepared slides in a slide box
5 plain slides with cover slips
10 cavity well (depression) slides
1 circular specimen box (contains cover slips)
1 pair of plastic forceps
1 plastic pipette
1 mounted needle with protective cover
1 swab
1 wooden stick
1 plastic test tube
1 pack of lens cleaning paper
1 small bottle red dye
1 small bottle blue dye
1 instruction booklet.

The entire kit contents and the microscope itself are all in very good condition, and come packaged in a hard styrofoam mould within a cardboard box, which is useful for storage. All the kit contents can fit in a depression in the styrofoam mould.

Selling for 25% less than the RRP, this microscope would be beneficial for anyone studying, or with an interest in, biology and/or other natural sciences.

Phone 01249 720161

by Dr. Radut.