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USA Tracfone mobile with minutes

Samsung SGH-S150G mobile

Going on Holiday to USA?  Why spend a fortune on calling with your UK mobile.  For just the the cost of an addon I am selling this tracfone basic Samsung SGH-S150G mobile.  Ideal for making USA to USA calls or for USA to UK calls.  It has 224 minutes on it which last until 26/10/2014, USA and UK calls both "cost" 1 minute per minute.  This phone also has double minutes for life so a 60 minute top up card (~$20, +90 days) gives 120 minutes, 120 minute card (~$30, +90 days) gives 240 minutes.  Or top up from the web where you can also opt for 30 minutes (~$10, +30 days).

A bargain at £15

Malcolm (tel. 01249 720161)

by Dr. Radut.