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ADSL2 anyone?

Fibre, or strictly FTTC, fibre to green BT cabinet then copper to home, is now available in Sutton Benger.  You can put your post code or phone number in the BT post code checker to see what's available together with a speed estimate.  Of course fibre costs more than ADSL1 (aka ADSL max) which was all that used to be available here.  But ADSL 2+ is the same cost and, if you ask, this should be a free change (it was for me on Plusnet).  Quite why they don't automatically upgrade everyone I don't know.  You'll need an ADSL 2+ router, if you haven't already got one, but these can be under £20.  I was on ADSL 1, connecting at 8128 kps and on speedtest.net I typically measured 6.5 Mbps down, 0.38 Mbps up.  Now I connect at 17720 kps and get 14.3 Mbps down, 0.95 Mbps up, according to speedtest.net.  All for the same monthly cost so it's a no brainer to get ADSL2+ enabled.

by Dr. Radut.