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Fibre as cheap as copper

I have just taken out a new 12 month broadband and phone contract.  As seems usual these days, loyalty is not rewarded and you need move every 12 months to get the best deal (or at least threaten to move :-/ ).  In the process I found out that for fibre Sutton Benger is unbundled which means cheaper prices.  For copper Sutton Benger is not unbundled which means Open Reach (what used to be BT) only, no real competition.  The end result was that I could get a 12 month contract from sky for fibre for the same price as ADSL 2 from Plusnet.  I found ADSL 2 enough for my needs and was going to st

ADSL2 anyone?

Fibre, or strictly FTTC, fibre to green BT cabinet then copper to home, is now available in Sutton Benger.  You can put your post code or phone number in the BT post code checker to see what's available together with a speed estimate.  Of course fibre costs more than ADSL1 (aka ADSL max) which was all that used to be available here.  But ADSL 2+ is the same cost and, if you ask, this should be a free change (it was for me on Plusnet).  Quite why they don't automatically upgrade everyone I don't know.  You'll

Installing Now

Fibre for Sutton Benger is currently in the "Installing Now" phase for those of you who've not noticed the new green cabinet outside the village hall or realized its significance, or even recently tried the post code checker at wiltshire online.  From what I've seen happening in the village I think we have the cable ducts and equipment cabinets in pla

High Speed Broadband - Update2

The broadband rollout page has again changed and again the web designers fail to redirect links and so have broken the Seagey exchange link in the previous news, however the top link still works.  The process now is to enter your post code which for Sutton Benger says we are still "Future Deployment", until that changes there is no expected date.  However, the map, I believe since it has few towns marked, suggests we are in the expect solution by spring 2016.  Two years later than when the project was first announced.

High Speed Broadband - Update1

The 2 of the links on the previous broadband news item are now broken and Wiltshire Online web designers haven't been polite (or savvy) enough to redirect the links so here is a new link.  The timescales quoted in the original press release have all changed.  The original fibre coverage map has been replaced by one without any roads or many towns so it is not certain SB will now get fibre.  If it does happen it might be as late as Spring 2016 rather than the end 2013 on the earlier map.  The status for

High Speed Broadband Coming Soon

For those who didn't know, Sutton Benger and other villages around are scheduled to get fibre broadband late this year (2013) according to this map.  This is part of a scheme funded by Wiltshire Council.  Latest news on this can be found here and at the bottom of this page you can register to get informed when the update page changes.  According to the update page Royal Wootton Basset will be able to order fibre spring 20

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