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Email issues

All users with Yahoo email address please read it all!

Due a hiccup in the email setup this site got temporarily blocked by BT internet and Yahoo.  BT internet was quickly fixed in an hour or 2 after entering the error in their page for that purpose.  Yahoo do NOT have a page to tell them of errors and the saga with Yahoo is still ongoing owning to Yahoo living up to English dictionary definition "a rude or noisy person" - a dumb bunny as we might also say.  Despite emails from this site having the correct spf, ptr, and being signed with dkim Yahoo say

"Based on the information we've gathered regarding your sending reputation, we're unable to guarantee consistent delivery to your customers' inbox"

This is for a site that has been registered for 12 years or more.  The reason Yahoo you can't find any information on our sending reputation is there is nothing to find.  We are one of the millions of non-spammers.  This site checks out clean on all the major blacklists.  Yahoo, like BT seem to run their own.  Yahoo unlike BT can't seem to fix their mistake when it is pointed out to them.  Frankly after many emails to Yahoo I doubt they could find their b.........  They certainly cannot be bothered to fix false positives rejecting legitimate emails.

Those oil users with Yahoo email addresses are unlikely to receive notification of oil buys or of oil deliveries until, or if, this problem is fixed.  Even then I have no faith in Yahoo reliably delivering emails (as they themselves say!).

My advice to anyone with a Yahoo email is get a gmail account and use that instead.  You can fetch emails via POP from other accounts into gmail so you can run the 2 in parallel using either your gmail or Yahoo address and read all emails from gmail.




by Dr. Radut.