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yahoo blocking emails

Yahoo still blocking all emails

Note: Yahoo users are still blocked. Anyone using Yahoo email cannot receive emails from this site.  Sign up for gmail instead.

After more research it looks like the whole issue of email blocking was a combination of Yahoo and me hitting the flush queue button a tad too often.  Hitting the button caused a hiccup that made other ISPs also block this site.  Those blocks were quickly removed once the other ISPs were contacted.

Email issues

All users with Yahoo email address please read it all!

Due a hiccup in the email setup this site got temporarily blocked by BT internet and Yahoo.  BT internet was quickly fixed in an hour or 2 after entering the error in their page for that purpose.  Yahoo do NOT have a page to tell them of errors and the saga with Yahoo is still ongoing owning to Yahoo living up to English dictionary definition "a rude or noisy person" - a dumb bunny as we might also say.  Despite emails from this site having the correct spf, ptr, and being signed with dkim Yahoo say

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by Dr. Radut.