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Oil Club Users Take Note

Some of the Oil Club users have out of date email addresses or have marked oil club emails as spam, according to the email service.  I suspect some of these are people who have moved.  I have disabled oil user and contact form for these users so that no more emails are sent.  Repeatedly sending emails that bounce or to addresses that have labeled them as spam is bad for the site reputation.

This will happen in future automatically too for any new bounces or spam labeled.  Users with out of date email addresses that want to be on oil club need to update their email address, which can be found under user, click the edit tab, and then contact me to have oil user enabled again.  Users who want to drop out of oil club can request it is removed and/or their account deleted.

Note if you login and you have no Oil Account entry on the right hand menu after clicking User on top menu (the default straight after login), then Oil User has been turned off.


by Dr. Radut.