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Cost of Oil Central Heating

I thought it would be helpful to share a comparison of the cost of Oil Central Heating.  I'll put the raw figures below but the headline is that Oil Central Heating is on a par with Mains Gas.  That would also imply it is on a par with Heat Pumps too since Heat Pumps are on a par with Mains Gas.

Oil Club Users Take Note

Some of the Oil Club users have out of date email addresses or have marked oil club emails as spam, according to the email service.  I suspect some of these are people who have moved.  I have disabled oil user and contact form for these users so that no more emails are sent.  Repeatedly sending emails that bounce or to addresses that have labeled them as spam is bad for the site reputation.


Check your spam filters

Can I ask everyone to check their spam filters aren't blocking this site.  There was an email sent Sun, 30 Oct 2016 12:32:32 "Anyone need oil?".  All oil users should have got this email so if you didn't and I've had a suspicious lack of replies, please check your spam box and white list this site.


Oil Club on the Web

15 December 2011

Sutton Benger and Christian Malford Oil Club (group heating oil buying syndicate) is now on this site.  In future the club will run from here so if you want to be part you need to register then email admin to ask to have oil club added to basic membership.  See Oil Club FAQ for answers to any questions.  The change saves work the oil club organisers (who after all do this for free) as well as giving users more features.

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