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Business FAQ

Q1: How do I get my business listed here?

Any Sutton Benger or surrounds business can have a page on this site for a small annual fee (to support the running costs of this site).  First register as basic user then email admin to request an upgrade.  Admin will then create a specific page for your use and grant you access rights to that page.  You'll be able to edit that page any time you want.  It will be automatically listed on the menu and the banner will appear at the page top, in random order rotation with all other businesses.

Q2: Can I list my business news and events?

Yes, in fact there are special page types called biz_event and biz_news.  These will appear on the front page.  The difference between them is that an event has a specific date (or date range).  After that time events are not listed on the front page.  News (the latest) is always listed.

Q3: Do I need to know web coding?

No, but you can use that if want.  Alternately you can type straight on the page.  Or you can copy and paste in text, from notepad so it is clean of any formatting.  Then pretty up the text with indents, bullets, etc..  You can also turn on spell check as you type or spell check after.  The site has an inbuilt, online wysiwyg editor.  In fact there are 2 versions of this as the site allows 2 text formats.

The first format is "Filtered HTML" which is a restricted set of HTML and thus has a simple editor.  This still allows block quotes, bullets, numbering, links, etc. so most of time this might be all you need.  It is all basic members are allowed.  The second format is full HTML will uses all HTML and thus has an editor with a lot more buttons on its taskbar.

Q4: Where can I get a banner

There are plenty of free banner makers on the web, just google "free banner maker" and you'll find loads to choose from, such as this one.

Q5: How do I paste in HMTL?

You can paste in HTML into the editor but that will of course mostly likely change it so click disable rich-text the WYSIWYG editor  to switch to a plain text box which you can paste into.  However, note that the text format also affects this.  Plain text will remove all HTML tags.  Filtered HTML will allow some tags and remove others.  Full HTML will allow all HTML tags.

by Dr. Radut.