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Minster Fireplace

Real stone (portland or bath stone perhaps).  Only includes the surround not the hearth which was cemented in place too firmly to survive removal.  But the hearth is just square, not carved like the surround and surround could be used with a complementary hearth too of course as surround just stands on the hearth. Fire opening is standard size of 18in x 22in.  Size is 45in wide, and 36in high with the hearth.

Note it came with house, the estate agents described it as minster fireplace, but it does look similar to current minster fireplaces (which cost near £2000 new).

Oil more than Electric

We're all aware, painfully, how much the cost heating oil has increased but are we all aware that it is now more than electric.  Current price is near 60p/l (ex VAT) where as cheapest E7 night time is 5.2p.  Heating oil is 10.35 kWhr/l which means you need a condensing boiler (93% efficiency) and oil at 50p/l to beat that.

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How far would you go?

Winter 2010

Winter 2010's deep snow.  Pictures of Chestnut road and start of Cowley way, the lane and hill behind the Wellesley.


by Dr. Radut.