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Full Circuit

Bespoke Electronics, analogue, digital, VHDL. Bespoke software, C++, C, Assembler. Consultancy, simulation, analysis. Competitive, fixed price, daily rate, percentage.

High Speed Broadband Coming Soon

For those who didn't know, Sutton Benger and other villages around are scheduled to get fibre broadband late this year (2013) according to this map.  This is part of a scheme funded by Wiltshire Council.  Latest news on this can be found here and at the bottom of this page you can register to get informed when the update page changes.  According to the update page Royal Wootton Basset will be able to order fibre spring 20

Chippenham Police Station Move

Chippenham police station moves 25 March 2013.  See pdf press release for details.

Selling Gold

As the village has been leafleted by adverts for buying gold it's worth point out that there are 31g in a tr oz so the "9ct up to £300 per tr oz" of the flyer works out as up to £9.67 /g.  A visit to Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter (parking is 70p/hr) would get over £12/g at today's (20/2/2013) prices.


by Dr. Radut.