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High Speed Broadband - Update2

The broadband rollout page has again changed and again the web designers fail to redirect links and so have broken the Seagey exchange link in the previous news, however the top link still works.  The process now is to enter your post code which for Sutton Benger says we are still "Future Deployment", until that changes there is no expected date.  However, the map, I believe since it has few towns marked, suggests we are in the expect solution by spring 2016.  Two years later than when the project was first announced.

High Speed Broadband - Update1

The 2 of the links on the previous broadband news item are now broken and Wiltshire Online web designers haven't been polite (or savvy) enough to redirect the links so here is a new link.  The timescales quoted in the original press release have all changed.  The original fibre coverage map has been replaced by one without any roads or many towns so it is not certain SB will now get fibre.  If it does happen it might be as late as Spring 2016 rather than the end 2013 on the earlier map.  The status for


Selling one Apex Microscope, used once, very good condition, like new. £60 ONO (RRP £80).

Magnification from x40 to x600 (limited to x150 for solid objects)
3 turret objectives: x4, x10 and x40
2 eyepieces: x10 and x15
Spring loaded stage clips
2 LED lighting systems (downward facing for whole objects, up through from below for slides)

Kit contents:
1 microscope with batteries and eyepieces
1 plastic microscope cover
4 pre-prepared slides in a slide box
5 plain slides with cover slips

Chrome Towel Radiators (slight damage)

Slightly damaged towel radiators. One with scratch, one with dent. Chrome, flat (not curved), 600mm wide, 800mm tall. Suit central heating or with an electric element could be made electric towel radiator or dual fuel towel radiator. £15 each ono.  Tel: 01249 720161

Chartered Consultant



by Dr. Radut.