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Do Not Prorogue Parliament

In response to the breaking news on Boris the petition not to prorogue Parliament is really ramping up.  It was 350k at 3:30pm and it is now over 625k.  I guess this is because people want to express their anger rather than any belief they will be listened to.  Unsurprisingly the pound fell at the news showing what the rest of the world thinks of no-deal and Boris.

Revoke Article 50 Petition

For those who are interested here is the link to the revoke article 50 petition.

Wiltshire Council Sunday Parking Charges

The libdems in Wiltshire Council have a current petition to remove Sunday and Bank Holiday parking charges.  That can be found here for those who agree its a bad idea and and want to sign it.

Free Greenhouse

12x6 aluminium and glass greenhouse with potting stands. free. Buyer to dismantle and take away. Erection Instruction leaflet available. Call 721292. 17 High Street SB

Link to Independent's campaign

For those interested here is a link to the Independent's campaign for a final say on the Brexit deal.  If this is not of interest then just ignore it.


by Dr. Radut.