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URGENT - This is a heads up about Wiltshire Council's local plan. Consultation closes 9 March 2021 5pm. They are considering discriminating against those in rural areas!  And they call this Empowering Rural Communities!

In these Covid times when there are no public meetings I feel that it is overdue that the truth be made public to counter any fake news going around, so here are some key facts.


The government is reneging on its election promise to keep the same high food standards we currently have.  The NFU think the solution is a food safety agency to make them keep their promise and they are they experts in food after all.  I would urge everyone to sign this petition and to also click the link to email your MP too.

In response to the breaking news on Boris the petition not to prorogue Parliament is really ramping up.  It was 350k at 3:30pm and it is now over 625k.  I guess this is because people want to express their anger rather than any belief they will be listened to.  Unsurprisingly the pound fell at the news showing what the rest of the world thinks of no-deal and Boris.

For those who are interested here is the link to the revoke article 50 petition. This hit 1 million yesterday (Thur 21/3/19) and was 1.3 million at around 7 pm.  At 8 am today (Friday 22/3/19) it stands at 2.45 million.  Let's get this to 17.5 million and kick the legs from under the statement that the "people want brexit".  We were lied to.  Claims that this would be the easiest deal to negotiate in history were tosh.  The government is now planning to bring in troops to help with what is a self-inflicted disaster.

The libdems in Wiltshire Council have a current petition to remove Sunday and Bank Holiday parking charges.  That can be found here for those who agree its a bad idea and and want to sign it.

The Gazette and Hearld say this is expected to raise 1.43m which is an interesting figure.  Wiltshire Council spend ~8m on the salaries of those earning over £50k per year.  And if you look at those at the top, historically from 2011 to 2018 (figures from Wiltshire Council web site) then for those top ~20 people it can be seen that they were on 70k-80k in the main back in 2008 but are now on 100k or even 140k.  That's a 25% rise at least during Austerity when everyone else's pay was capped.  Nice work if you get but for public servants it seems they are putting themselves first, everyone else second.

For those interested here is a link to the Independent's campaign for a final say on the Brexit deal.  If this is not of interest then just ignore it.

Some of the Oil Club users have out of date email addresses or have marked oil club emails as spam, according to the email service.  I suspect some of these are people who have moved.  I have disabled oil user and contact form for these users so that no more emails are sent.  Repeatedly sending emails that bounce or to addresses that have labeled them as spam is bad for the site reputation.

This will happen in future automatically too for any new bounces or spam labeled.  Users with out of date email addresses that want to be on oil club need to update their email address, which can be found under user, click the edit tab, and then contact me to have oil user enabled again.  Users who want to drop out of oil club can request it is removed and/or their account deleted.

Note if you login and you have no Oil Account entry on the right hand menu after clicking User on top menu (the default straight after login), then Oil User has been turned off.

Can I ask everyone to check their spam filters aren't blocking this site.  There was an email sent Sun, 30 Oct 2016 12:32:32 "Anyone need oil?".  All oil users should have got this email so if you didn't and I've had a suspicious lack of replies, please check your spam box and white list this site.


I have just taken out a new 12 month broadband and phone contract.  As seems usual these days, loyalty is not rewarded and you need move every 12 months to get the best deal (or at least threaten to move :-/ ).  In the process I found out that for fibre Sutton Benger is unbundled which means cheaper prices.  For copper Sutton Benger is not unbundled which means Open Reach (what used to be BT) only, no real competition.  The end result was that I could get a 12 month contract from sky for fibre for the same price as ADSL 2 from Plusnet.  I found ADSL 2 enough for my needs and was going to stick with that thinking why pay more for fibre, except the reality is fibre is the same price or even in fact a few pence cheaper than the best price Plusnet could offer me.


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